What is Portal?

Portal is the fastest way to load and visualize your deep learning models. We are all sick of wrangling a bunch of cv2 or matplotlib codes to test your models - especially on videos. We created Portal to help teams, engineers, and product managers interactively test their model on images and videos, inference thresholds, IoU values and much more. Portal is an open-source browser-based app written in TypeScript, React and Flask.

Portal works on both images and videos - bounding boxes and masks - allowing you to use it as a sandbox for testing your model's performance. Additionally, Portal supports Datature Hub, TensorFlow and DarkNet models (PyTorch Support Incoming) and runs on either our electron app or your browser.

Here are the steps to jump right into Portal:

  1. Installation
  2. Registering a Model
  3. Loading a Model
  4. Adding Images and Videos
  5. Performing Predictions