Connection Manager

What is the Connection Manager?

Cloud data storage is used by many organizations to externally host and manage their data. We understand the importance and convenience of cloud storage connectivity. Therefore, we have now created a simple way for you to access your cloud storage data and sync it with the Nexus platform so that it can be used for your computer vision projects.

The Connection Manager exists as a way to keep track of your connections to external data sources. In the Connection Manager, you can resync your connections to get the most updated data from them as well as delete connections if necessary.

Common Questions

What cloud storage platforms are supported?

Currently, Amazon Web Services' S3 Bucket and Microsoft Azure Blob connectivity is supported.

Can I reconnect a connection that I've deleted?

The best way to reconnect is by going through the connection process again, and be sure to use the most recent autogenerated JSONs when registering. For example, in S3, you don't have to remake the policy and role but you should edit the JSONs such that they have the most recent JSON file.