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Artifact Download

datature artifacts download

The datature artifacts downloadfunction allows users to download a model artifact from the Datature platform. The tool prompts the user to enter the folder path to save the model and the name of the artifact to download. Additionally, the user is prompted to select the format of the model they wish to download. The available artifact formats depend on your model, including TensorFlow, TFLite, and ONNX. To learn more, go to Downloading Artifacts.

Once the user has entered their selections, the tool downloads the artifact to the specified folder path. The download progress is displayed as a progress bar, and the user is notified once the download is complete. This function provides an easy and efficient way for users to access and use their models in their projects.


Artifact conversion and export on its own may take some time, so please wait at least 10 minutes.

Sample Output

$ datature artifacts download
[?] Enter the folder path to save model: /Volumes/
[?] Which artifact do you want to download?: BEAF45-Workflowc
 > BEAF45-Workflowc

[?] Which model format do you want to download?: tensorflow
 > TensorFlow

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