Data Security

At Datature, we work tirelessly to maintain the highest standards of data security. To maintain data integrity for our external labeller infrastructure, listed in the following three ways.

External Labeller Limited Accounts

Firstly, during a job, an external labeller is provided a temporary account with limited access to only the project homepage which contains basic project statistics and the Annotator. They will not be able to access other parts of your project, such as the model workflow builder, Artifacts, and the Deploy page. Secondly, all annotation is done on platform, so external labellers are not accessing data outside the platform's scope.

User Data Privacy

Private information specific to the user that may be visible on the homepage such as emails on the Collaborators tab will be removed for these external labeller accounts, thus preserving the private user information.

Limited Dataset Access

Finally, external labellers on the Annotator page will only have access to the images that were assigned to them via the labelling request, and will not have any ability to access other images in the same project dataset. Overall, Nexus keeps user data private, restricts the scope of the dataset access to relevant assets, and limits feature access to just the Annotator and broad project statistics.