Adding a Collaborator

How Do I Add a Collaborator?

  1. Go to the Project Dashboard - The Project Dashboard is the first page a user sees after clicking on a project on the Workspace Dashboard.

  2. Click on the "Collaborators" tab - Located just below the project title.

  3. Click on "+ Invite People" - The green button on the right of the screen.

  4. Choose "Collaborator" or "Datature Experts" - Learn more about the differences between the two options here.

  5. Enter the email of the collaborator when prompted - Make sure the email you entered is the address your collaborator used to sign up for their Datature account.

  6. Select Role Type - You can select this on the dropdown to the right of where one enters their email. There are two options, Collaborator and Labeller.

  7. Click the invite button - Your collaborator is now invited to join your project! Your collaborator will receive a notification and they will have to accept the invitation before they can access the project.

Collaborator Types

Collaborator TypeDescription
CollaboratorCollaborators are able to do everything except generate secret keys, alter deployments, and change collaborators.
LabellerLabellers are only able to use the Annotator for making and searching for images and annotations within their permissions and the project statistics and graphs on the project dashboard.

Common Questions

Who can add collaborators?

Only the creator of a project, who is on a paid plan, can add collaborators to a project. Check out our Plans and Pricing if you are working with a team. Note that adding a Datature expert to your project does not require a paid plan. Read Who can be added as a collaborator? below to see why and when you might want to add a Datature expert to your project.

Who can be added as a collaborator?

Only users with an activated Datature account can be added as a collaborator - if your collaborator is not a Datature user yet, follow the steps in Signing Up to sign up for a free account.

If you require assistance from our experts at any point in time, our experts might request that you add them to your project as collaborators - Datature is a secure platform, and thus our experts do not have access to your data and pipeline unless they are added to your project as collaborators. You can choose to remove them from your project after your technical issue is resolved.

Will the invitation link expire?

No, the invitation link will not expire. However, you can cancel your invitation if the collaborator has not accepted the invitation after 24 hours. Read Can I cancel my invitation? for more information.

How many collaborators can I add?

There is no maximum number of collaborators you can add to a project. However, the collaborators must have an activated Datature account.

How do I accept collaboration invitations?

If you have an activated Datature account, you should receive an email saying that you have been added to the project. There will be a button that links you to Nexus. When you login, in the notification bell on the top right corner, there should be an invite, for which you can then either accept or decline the invite by clicking the green tick or the red x respectively.

Can I cancel my invitation?

Yes, you can, but only after 12 hours once your invitation is sent, and if the collaborator has not accepted your invitation by then. If you need to remove a collaborator from your project, check out Can I remove my collaborators? below.

Can I remove my collaborators?

Yes, follow the steps in Removing a Collaborator to remove a collaborator from your project.