Deleting a Project


A deleted project is permanently deleted - all information of the project, including image files, annotations, and workflows, will be deleted and cannot be recovered. This action cannot be undone, so only delete your project when you are absolutely sure.

How Do I Delete My Project?

  1. Go to the Project Dashboard - The Project Dashboard is the first page a user sees after clicking on a project on the Workspace Dashboard.

  2. Click on "Settings" - This is located at the left navigation bar.

  3. Click "Delete Project" - The red button.

  4. Type "the name of your project" to confirm - If you are sure that you want to delete your project, type <the name of your project> in the text box to confirm. You will see a warning saying this action cannot be undone. Your project is now deleted!

To see what else you can do with your project, go to Managing Your Projects. To manage collaborators on your project, go to Managing Your Project Collaborators. To start importing your project data, go to Asset Upload and Annotation Upload.