Datature understands that teams and enterprises often have multiple members (e.g. developers, engineers, data scientists) collaborating on the same project - or even multiple projects - at the same time. Therefore, at Datature, we strive to develop a platform that supports seamless collaboration.

What is a Workspace?

On Datature's platform, a workspace is an isolated space that is tied to a specific billing account. Users within a team can create, manage, and segregate their computer vision projects within that workspace using their personal account. All resource usage and quotas for these projects in the workspace are deducted according to the plan that the linked billing account has signed up for. This helps to streamline and centralize billing and resource allocation across development teams with multiple projects and multiple users.

In this section, we introduce the Workspace Dashboard, where a user can view, manage, navigate between, and create new projects in a workspace.

Common Questions

How Do I Create A Workspace in My Account?

Once you have signed up for a Nexus account, a workspace will automatically be created with the name "YOUR_NAME's Workspace".

How Do I Navigate Between Workspaces in My Account?

To select a different workspace, you can click on the dropdown arrow beside your workspace name. This will list all workspaces that you are a part of. To view projects in a different workspace, simply click on that workspace name. Alternatively, you can click on View All Workspaces to view all projects grouped according to workspace that you have been added to.