AI Edge Refinement

Video Recap

  1. Select the IntelliBrush tool - You can find the tool on the right toolbar. After selecting the tool, you will see on the left popup sidebar, that there is an option for AI Edge Refinement.
  2. Begin annotating with IntelliBrush - Do so until you are satisfied that IntelliBrush covers the object and encapsulates its general outline.
  3. Select AI Edge Refinement - Congratulations, your mask has been refined! If you prefer the previous mask, you can always return to the previous mask or continue editing the mask with other IntelliBrush annotation clicks.


Mask refinement will also be considered usage of an Intelligent Tool, so each approved usage of mask refinement will take one IntelliBrush credit, separately of the IntelliBrush credit used to make the IntelliBrush annotation.

Common Questions

How does AI Edge Refinement work?

AI Edge Refinement will be another addition to our Intelligent Tools. During your IntelliBrush annotation process, there will be an AI Edge Refinement option on the left sidebar to further refine the currently displayed mask. You can also press X as well for the same effect. After a short period of time, the refined mask will be displayed on the screen. If you think the refinement is a suitable improvement, you can commit the change. If not, you can always revert the refinement to go back to your original IntelliBrush mask. As suggested usage, you should select the mask refinement when you are satisfied that the IntelliBrush mask captures the general shape and covers the object entirely but you want to refine the boundaries to align with the object more precisely.

What are some things to note about AI Edge Refinement?

Some things to note are that it is a mask agnostic tool, this also means that it doesn’t take any explicit information from previous tools, such as the positive or negative clicks used in Intellibrush. It automatically finds what it believes to be the most relevant and closest features based on the mask and the image. Therefore, you may find that the refinement can sometimes be resistant to covering certain spots if the model believes that the features are too different from the rest of the mask.