What is a Project?

On Datature's platform, a project is a dedicated space for storing data, annotating, creating workflows, running training, and deploying models for a computer vision project.

If you have multiple computer vision projects that make use of different assets (e.g. images, annotations) or have different objectives (e.g. object detection, segmentation), you can create multiple Datature projects. Head to Creating your Projects to see how to create a project, and what you can do with your projects.

Datature also supports collaboration between users for different projects. The creator and collaborators of a project will have access to all areas of the projects and be able to work on various tasks in the pipeline (e.g. uploading data, creating annotation, setting training parameters) at the same time. To see more on how you can work with others on your projects, look at Managing Project Collaborators.

In this section, we introduce the Project Dashboard, where a user can manage the project and project collaborators.


To see if your plan tier allows for the features described here, click on Plans and Pricing for more information, and Upgrading Your Plan for more information on how you can upgrade your current plan.

Common Questions

How do I create, delete, or rename my project?

Look here for Creating a Project, Renaming a Project, and Deleting a Project.

How do I add or remove project collaborators?

Go to Managing Project Collaborators to see more details.

Can I have multiple projects?

The number of projects you can have will depend on your account tier. Go to Plans and Pricing to see more information.

Do I need to create multiple projects if I want to try multiple deep-learning models on a dataset?

If you will be testing different models using the same dataset (i.e., images and annotations) for the same purpose (e.g. object detection), you will not have to create multiple projects for that. Instead, you can create multiple workflows. A tip is to name your workflows with information about your training parameters for easier identification later on.

What should I do if I need help with a project?

If you need any support, please Contact Us!