Creating a Project

How do I Create a Project?

  1. Go to the Workspace Dashboard - The Workspace Dashboard is the first page the user lands on immediately after logging in or creating an account. You can also access the dashboard by clicking the Nexus logo on the top left corner.

  2. Click "Create New Project ⊕" - The button is located right below the Projects Dashboard header.

    1. Enter the project details - Enter the name, type, content, and data localization of the project. Supported types are listed in the table below:

      Object Detection
      Instance Segmentation
      Keypoint Detection
      Image and Video
      Data LocalizationMulti-Region
      United Kingdom

      Support for other types and content will be released in future updates.

  3. Click "Next step" - Your new project is now created! 🎉


Ensure that you are in the correct workspace before creating your project. To switch to a different workspace, click on Navigating Between Workspaces.

Once you have created your project, you can now use all the project management functionality that we have available. To see what else you can do with your project, go to Managing Your Projects. To manage collaborators on your project, go to Managing Your Project Collaborators. To start importing your project data, go to Asset Upload and Annotation Upload.