Use Cases

What can Datature be Used For?

Datature's platform can be and has been used in a multitude of industries and areas of research.

Computer vision enables users to make use of the abundance of visual data that is collected in innumerable areas to gain insight about the data. Most notably, it has been used in pharmaceuticals & healthcare, retail & e-commerce, smart city, utilities & energy, agriculture, and manufacturing & construction.

For instance, in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, computer vision can be used for Cell Research, Drug Development, Drug Defect Detection, Medical Imaging, Digital Pathology, and Bone Structural Diagnosis. In Manufacturing & Construction, computer vision can be used for Complex Defect Detection, Safety Requirement Detection & Enforcement, Remote Construction Monitoring, Assembly Line Monitoring, Robotics Line Processing, and more.

The potential of using computer vision to solve industrial and research problems is truly limitless, however, developing a deep-learning pipeline, even for a standard, non-customized one, can be very complicated and intensive, requiring a great deal of expertise and manual effort. This often means a competent team of software engineers, ML engineers, and data scientists.

Datature lowers the entry barriers to computer vision for individuals, teams, and enterprises with its no-code, easy-to-use platform. With the combination of your own industry expertise and Datature's platform, anyone can leverage the power of computer vision to extract industry-specific useful insights and transform their industry.

As long as you have visual data readily available, Datature's platform can take in your data and help you build a complete end-to-end pipeline easily and quickly.

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