If you're ready to build your own computer vision solutions with Datature, this quickstart guide contains all the information you need to get started.

How do I get access to Datature's platform?

You will need an activated Datature account to get access to Datature's platform. Follow the instructions in Signing Up to create an account. Creating an account is free so you don't have to worry about payment while exploring what Datature has to offer. However, if you already know which plan is the most suitable for your projects, you can also choose the plan during the sign-up.

How do I log in to Datature's platform?

Once you have created and activated your Datature account, you can log in via datature.io or nexus.datature.io. For more details, refer to Logging In.

What plans do you offer and which is the most suitable for my project?

Datature supports users from various backgrounds - whether it be individuals curious about experimenting with computer vision (Starter, Starter+), machine learning engineers, students, and researchers trying to build computer vision models more efficiently (Developer, Developer+), startups, labs, and companies seeking for a fast and cost-effective way to build their products (Professional, Professional+), or enterprises looking to leverage AI to grow their businesses (Enterprise) - our plans and features are curated to meet project requirements at different scales.

Check out Plans and Pricing to see the different options. If you have already started a Datature project, you can also check your Usage and Quota to see what options would be the most appropriate for your project.

How do I upgrade my account or get more features?

If your project requires more image quota, GPU training minutes, training checkpoints, and support than our free Starter plan offers, consider upgrading your account to a paid plan to enjoy more features. If you have complex shapes to annotate, you may want to upgrade to one of our plus plans which comes with the IntelliBrush add-on.

I am a student. Can I get any discount?

Yes, we are thrilled to support the education community in building a better future. We offer an education discount to students, educators, and researchers. Contact Us for an exclusive 20% off all paid plans!

How do I start building my first model?

Signed up , chose a plan, and successfully logged in to your account? You are all set to start building your first model with us. Head to Building Your First Model to learn how to build a computer vision model with Datature!

Where can I get help if I encounter an issue while using the platform?

Reach out to us via one of the contact methods in Contact Us!