Project Collaborators

What is a Collaborator?

Datature understands that teams and enterprises often have multiple members (e.g. developers, engineers, data scientists) collaborating on the same project - or even multiple projects - at the same time. Therefore, at Datature, we strive to develop a platform that supports seamless collaboration.

On our platform, a user can create multiple projects as well as be a collaborator in multiple projects. The creator and collaborators of a project will have access to all areas of the projects and be able to work on various tasks in the pipeline (e.g. uploading data, creating annotation, setting training parameters) at the same time.

Collaborators can be different types of roles, such as a labeller or a full collaborator. These roles help to control the types of permissions one has within the project.

Common Questions

How do I add a collaborator or add a Datature expert to my project?

Adding a Collaborator works for both collaborators and is very similar to adding a Datature expert as well.

How do I remove a collaborator or Datature expert from my project?

Removing a Collaborator or a Datature expert is very similar.

What permissions do my collaborators have on my project?

You can choose what roles users in your project can have, between a labeller and a collaborator. Labellers are only able to use the Annotator and Dashboard, whereas collaborators are able to do everything except generate secret keys, alter deployments, and change collaborators.