What are Annotations?

Annotations are labeled training data for machine learning and AI models. Annotations help these models understand and learn patterns, relationships, or classifications within the data.

Onboarding your data is the very first step of your machine learning pipeline. After all, a deep learning model cannot be built without data. This step essentially means having your visual assets (e.g. images, annotations) uploaded to the platform. Take the first step in working with data on Nexus by starting here.

Common Questions

How do I upload my annotations?

If you already have your annotation data ready, you can also upload your annotations during the onboarding process.

Why can't I upload my annotation data?

Please ensure that you upload image data first before you add annotation data.

What if I only have images but not annotation data?

While image data is the minimum requirement for using the Datature platform to build your computer vision pipeline, annotation data is not. You can always annotate your images using our Annotator. However, we do not have any support for models with purely unannotated images, so be sure to annotate before you run any workflows.