Training Option : Advanced Evaluation

This section introduces the different advanced evaluation options for training.

Advanced Evaluation is an option that Nexus provides to assist with visualization and manual checking of the training as it is ongoing. Advanced evaluation takes evaluations from each evaluation checkpoint. The frequency of these checkpoints is decided in Training Option : Checkpoint Strategy.

Why do we need Advanced Evaluation?

These tools can be very useful in monitoring the progress in a much more visual and meaningful manner rather than just statistics that only describe the overall progress and not necessarily the individual quality of predictions. It can also be a useful tool for spotting errors or identifying if a problem is occurring in your training early on.

What are the tools in Advanced Evaluation?

Below is a table showing the current options and tools available to assist you. Check with Usage Quota if these tools are available at your current tier.

Option ListChoicesDescriptionTraining Multiplier
Enable Evaluation PreviewsEnable/DisableAllows you to examine inference previews at each evaluation checkpoint to make comparisons about the training as it progresses. To see how it works, go to Advanced Evaluation.x0.25
Enable Confusion MatrixEnable/DisableAllows you to visualize differences in distributions between prediction classes and ground truth classes using color gradients. To see how it works, go to Confusion Matrix.x0.25